Staff at Kuhlman's
239 252nd Ave Spirit Lake, IA 51360    Shop:712-336-1388    Fax:1-712-336-5661    
Team Kuhlman
Owner, Kevin Kuhlman, is a certified welder with over 25 years experience in welding and fabrication. He has built many barges including the three we operate. He is wonderful at helping to plan your next big project and getting you the right schematics!

Maria has been with us since December 2009. She is usually answering the phone setting up all services and keeping the guys busy. She also is in charge of selling new and used hoists, Give her a call with any hoist questions you have!

Derek started working part time throughout his high school years and joined the year round crew in May 2010. He helps around the shop in the off season and during the summer months can be found driving the barge on  Big Spirit Lake and the smaller surrounding lakes.

Thad joined the team in 2012 and is a great asset to the team with his knowledge of the lakes area and welding. His great personality makes it easy to plan your next welding project. During our busy season, Thad is the guy that keeps your hoist running right! 

Jim joined us in January of 2014  helping out as a shop assistant. He is usually found on the saw prepping metal for fabrication or grinding. He is a very friendly man who has something to say to everyone.

Jenifer is the assitant office manager out at Kuhlman's. She started May 2014 and is doing an excellent job at keeping the guys on task. Her friendly voice can be heard on the phones, and she is also the one to work with if there are any general questions as well as sales of new and used hoists.

Austin helped out part time while he was in high school and came back to us the spring of 2015! He is a great welder and in the summer months can be found driving the barge on East Lake. He is a fun-spirited asset and we are happy he is so eager to help wherever he is needed. 

Brian started with us in March of 2016 and can be found helping on the barges as needed and taking care of all the covers we service. He also loves to help out in the off season on big welding jobs. Brian is a super nice guy and we think he is a great fit to our "family". 

​Mike joined us in early 2018 as an additional welder, he can't wait to learn about the lake service industry and help on the water! He is a super nice guy, and seems to blend right in with our crews!